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A Hydro-Québec pilot project on load shedding

To limit the impact of peak periods on the electrical network, Regulvar jointed Hydro-Québec in studying “load shedding”. For the 29 schools run by the Commission scolaire des Samares, the targeted reduction in electricity consumption was 2,200 kW. The results showed an actual reduction of 1,884 kW—in other words, an 86% success rate.
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An energy-efficient and innovative building

Regulvar Inc.’s headquarters is a newly renovated
building that is stocked with: a versatile building automation system, LED lighting, geothermal energy with storage and energy recovery, radiant concrete slab and wall heating, and, chilled beams.
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Investing in energy efficiency

Regulvar has supported many projects, including the Solar Buildings Research Network (SBRN), the Smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network (SNEBRN) and the Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Optimized Operation and Energy Efficiency. These collaborative initiatives willl without a doubt accelerate the adoption of new methods and generate greener buildings.
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