Theme II

Dynamic Building Envelope Systems and Passive Solar Concepts 

Theme Leaders

  • A. Athienitis
  • D. Naylor


This Theme will cover the integration of advanced solar systems such as building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal (BIPV/T) systems, active daylighting systems, and advanced windows/shade systems. Also considered will be prefabrication of envelope systems, a means to reduce costs and increase quality through mass production in a factory environment. 


This Theme will study concepts for building envelopes that optimize energy performance through a combination of active solar technologies and passive measures, while reducing costs through integration and optimization of all envelope functions. Projects will include: development, enhancement and integration of solar electric and solar thermal systems with curtain wall systems so as to reduce installation costs while improving overall performance; control of solar gains through active use of window attachments, such as interior and exterior automated motorized blinds; the prediction of heat transfer coefficients for use in advanced whole-building simulation models; optimization of active and passive daylighting systems; investigation of prefabricated envelope systems integrating solar and thermal storage technologies; investigation of curtain wall systems which integrate glazing, shading mechanisms, glazing film technologies, phase change materials, and ventilation systems to improve overall performance. Prefabrication of envelope systems will also be pursued with our industry partners as a means to reduce costs and enhance quality through mass production in a factory environment.