Theme I - 1.1

Innovative Concepts for Space Heating and Cooling

Project Leader

  • S. Harrison


Since 1990 the number of air conditioning (A/C) units installed in Canadian residences has increased by 140% and the electrical energy consumption for A/C has increased threefoldi. Despite the fact that A/C represents only 1.5 to 3.5% of total energy use in detached Canadian housing, it places a disproportionate demand upon the central electrical system, particularly in the late afternoon and early evening of hot summer days. In some parts of Canada including Ontario, GHG-intensive fuels (often coal) are used to meet marginal demands on peak days. As a result, A/C is a major and increasing contributor to the GHG burden of Canadian housing.


  • 1.1a Liquid desiccant dehumidification and air conditioning
  • 1.1b Thermal cooling concepts (absorption and adsorption)
  • 1.1c Passive/active building-integrated air-based systems


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