Theme I - 1.3

Novel HVAC Components

Project Leader

  • M. Collins


The advent of low and net zero buildings has put significant constraints on the capabilities of HVAC equipment incorporated into them. Quite frequently, that equipment must be designed to operate near-to peak efficiently at all times, draw energy from a combination of renewable, stored, and waste heat sources, perform more than one function, and communicate effectively with other equipment within the building. These factors tend to make the equipment complex, both physically and from a control perspective. Unfortunately, complexity is counterproductive from a marketability standpoint and makes it difficult for the system to gain acceptance by building designers and installers. Low energy buildings must be designed with consideration of building usage and occupancy. Unfortunately, this means that the demands on (and even the need for) some HVAC equipment vary from building to building. The scope of equipment to be considered included air and water source heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems, solar thermal technologies, domestic hot water, and thermal storage.


  • 1.3a  Compact energy recovery systems for low energy residential buildings (desiccant based ERV)
  • 1.3b  New concepts for SDHW Systems


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