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Board of Directors

The Board includes key stakeholder representatives from the academic sector, from industry and government. The Board has fiscal responsibility for all SNEBRN funds and final authority over all managerial and funding decision-making in the Network.

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Scientific Commmittee

The current Scientific Committee, Chaired by the Scientific Director includes 5 Theme co-leaders and two external representatives. 

  • A.K.  Athienitis, Scientific Director and Theme 2 representative
  • I. Beausoleil-Morrison, Theme 1 representative
  • M. Rosen, Theme 3 representative
  • R. Zmeureanu, Theme 4 representative
  • A. Fung, Theme 5 representative
  • S. Hosatte, CanmetENERGY NRCan, non-academic partner researcher (Theme 5)
  • J. Millette (Hydro Quebec), Non-academic partner researcher
  • D. Prasad (University of New South Wales, Australia), External representative

Scientific Director


Dr. Andreas K. Athienitis

Dr. Andreas K. Athienitis is the Scientific Director of the NSERC Smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings Strategic Network (SNEBRN) and a Concordia University Research Chair, Tier I in Integration of Solar Energy Systems into Buildings. He obtained a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (1981) from the University of New Brunswick and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo (1985). He is currently a Professor of Building Engineering. His research interests are in solar energy engineering, energy efficiency, optimization and control of building thermal systems, building integrated photovoltaics and daylighting. He is the author of more than 150 refereed papers, the Mathcad electronic book "Building Thermal Analysis" and the graduate level book "Thermal Analysis and Design of Passive Solar Buildings". He is a recipient of several awards, including ASHRAE Willis H. Carrier best paper award. He has served as Associate Editor of the ISES Journal "Solar Energy" and in ASHRAE Technical Committees. He participates in policy-forming government committees and is a consultant to major utilities and government departments. He has played a key role in the engineering design of several award-winning low energy solar houses and green buildings which include building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal systems, geothermal heating/cooling and advanced daylighting. He was profiled as one of 25 most important innovators in Quebec by Actualité Magazine (Sep. 15, 2009).