Theme I

Integrated Renewable Energy Systems and Heating/Cooling Systems for Buildings

Theme Leaders

  • S. Harrison
  • I. Beausoleil-Morrison


This Theme will cover solar thermal systems for space heating and cooling and service hot water heating, building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems and solar assisted- and ground-source heat pumps. These systems and components must be optimally integrated among themselves and, with conventional HVAC systems and the building envelope systems covered by Theme 2. 


This theme addresses the development, modeling and integration of advanced building energy systems, with a particular focus on systems for combined space heating and cooling, and water heating, as well as, those combined with electrical power production. The theme will also investigate specific subsystems, their potential for integration into smart NZEBs, and their viability relative to conventional energy systems. Developments and concepts studied within this Theme will build on the research of the other themes on thermal storage, advanced building envelope systems (e.g., BIPV/T), and advanced control concepts studied under Theme 4. Specific projects that will be undertaken include: the development and optimization of active and passive solar thermal systems for space and potable water heating; solar assisted heat pumps; and advanced energy capture and recovery, (e.g., HRV’s and heat pumps). Thermally driven heating and air-conditioning systems powered from renewable and combined heat and power systems (including micro-co-generation systems) will also be studied. Finally, specific components and systems identified and developed within this theme will form a basis for future demonstrations to be undertaken within Theme 5.