Theme V

Technology transfer, design tools and input to national policy

Theme Leaders

  • A. Fung
  • S. Hosatte


This Theme includes many facets: the coordination and implementation of demonstration projects, technology transfer, development of design tools and guidelines (especially for engineers and architects), input to codes and standards, and national policy. It will link with all the other Themes. 


This theme will integrate results and outcomes from the other themes, organize demonstration projects and other technology transfer activities and, develop, enhance and promote design techniques and tools, and provide input to national policy relevant to sustainable buildings and communities. It includes projects on both retrofit measures for existing buildings/communities and design of new communities optimized for solar energy utilization. This Theme will include high quality, innovative Andreas K. Athienitis (PIN 16898) SNEBRN Proposal 28 demonstration projects that push the performance envelope to world-class levels. These will serve as transformative examples for the building and energy industries and contribute to making Canada a leader in net-zero energy buildings and communities. Early stage demonstration projects that will fit into the new Network program include the following: a demonstration of smart control in a net-zero energy prototype home and a small office building; and, establishment of a small net-zero energy community or a campus. The solar potential and energy efficiency aspects of the buildings will be optimized and, thermal storage will be used in combination with building-integrated technologies and predictive control.